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    Guide: How to make an account on CJG


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    Stk Guide: How to make an account on CJG

    Post by Serge on Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:08 am

    We had requests from customers asking for a guide to fill-in the registration form. Here you have an easy guide on how to log in or register at

    First: access the Main Site and click on the LOGIN/REGISTER Button:

    Guide: How to make an account on CJG Bregisterbutton

    You will see a screen like this:

    Guide: How to make an account on CJG NUMregisform01

    How to complete the form-fields:


    1. Company: If you belong to a company of not just leave blank.
    2. VAT Number: This number is assigned to some companies, if you do not represent a company or don't have the number just leave blank.
    3. Gender: Click on the round field of your gender.
    4. First name: Your name(s)
    5. Last name: Family name(s)
    6. Date of birth: with this format day/month/year
    7. Address line 1 and 2: Fill in your home address or the place where you want the items to be delivered (*It can be modified later), If you need more space use both lines, if not, leave line 2 blank.
    8. Floor: If the address described before is on a building or housing complex.
    9. Zip code / Post Code: The postal code of your city, for example 92563 or 62170, etc.
    10. City: The name of the city you live in.
    11. Country: Select your country from the list when pressing the small black arrow on the right.
    12. Phone number: write your phone number like this: country code (area code) phone number, ex. 52 (777) 3223344
    13. Check the square box if you are an adult on your country (usually 18 ), otherwise those contents will be hidden for you.

    Guide: How to make an account on CJG NUMregisform02

    14. Chose from the list how did you discover the website:
    (a). Search engine: If you found the product or the site by using a search website like Google, Yahoo or others.
    (b). A friend: If you were introduced to the site by a friend.
    (c). An article: If you ended up in the site after reading news or an article somewhere.
    (d). Advertising: If you clicked on a banner or picture and ended up here.
    (e). A link from another website: Self-explanatory =p
    15. Check the box if you want to receive information about offers and new articles on the website (*we won't spam your e-mail address).
    16. E-Mail Address: this is the e-mail address that will be used to access your account as well as receive the receipts, tracking numbers and information about your orders.
    17. Password: The password to access your account, we recommend you to use something easy to remember but hard to guess.
    18. Confirm password: This is a confirmation for you to make sure you fill-in the desired password on the previous field.
    19. Hit Confirm to send the registration form!

    Now you will receive an e-mail (from Digicraft corp) with a link inside to "activate" your account as a security measure. Once you click on that, you are all set to start using your account ^^

    If you want to access your account, use the same LOG-IN/REGISTER Button

    Guide: How to make an account on CJG Bregisterbutton

    -LOG-IN to your account-

    Guide: How to make an account on CJG NUMLogin

    RM: Write the e-mail address you used when you made your account.
    PW: Write your password.
    LP: Click on this line if you forgot your password, so we can send you a new one. (We do not ask for your passwords. NEVER give it to anyone you don't trust).

    Welcome and enjoy what CoolJapanGoods have prepared for you!


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