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    Guide: How to make an account on CJG


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    Stk Guide: How to make an account on CJG

    Post by Serge on Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:05 am

    We had requests from customers asking for a guide to fill-in the registration form. Here you have an easy guide on how to log in or register at

    First: access the Main Site and click on the LOGIN/REGISTER Button:

    Guide: How to make an account on CJG Bregisterbutton

    You will see a screen like this:

    Guide: How to make an account on CJG NUMregisform01

    How to complete the form-fields:


    1. Company: If you belong to a company of not just leave blank.
    2. VAT Number: This number is assigned to some companies, if you do not represent a company or don't have the number just leave blank.
    3. Gender: Click on the round field of your gender.
    4. First name: Your name(s)
    5. Last name: Family name(s)
    6. Date of birth: with this format day/month/year
    7. Address line 1 and 2: Fill in your home address or the place where you want the items to be delivered (*It can be modified later), If you need more space use both lines, if not, leave line 2 blank.
    8. Floor: If the address described before is on a building or housing complex.
    9. Zip code / Post Code: The postal code of your city, for example 92563 or 62170, etc.
    10. City: The name of the city you live in.
    11. Country: Select your country from the list when pressing the small black arrow on the right.
    12. Phone number: write your phone number like this: +country code (area code) phone number, ex. +52 (777) 3223344
    13. Check the square box if you are an adult on your country (usually 18+), otherwise those contents will be hidden for you.

    Guide: How to make an account on CJG NUMregisform02

    14. Chose from the list how did you discover the website:
    (a). Search engine: If you found the product or the site by using a search website like Google, Yahoo or others.
    (b). A friend: If you were introduced to the site by a friend.
    (c). An article: If you ended up in the site after reading news or an article somewhere.
    (d). Advertising: If you clicked on a banner or picture and ended up here.
    (e). A link from another website: Self-explanatory =p
    15. Check the box if you want to receive information about offers and new articles on the website (*we won't spam your e-mail address).
    16. E-Mail Address: this is the e-mail address that will be used to access your account as well as receive the receipts, tracking numbers and information about your orders.
    17. Password: The password to access your account, we recommend you to use something easy to remember but hard to guess.
    18. Confirm password: This is a confirmation for you to make sure you fill-in the desired password on the previous field.
    19. Hit Confirm to send the registration form!

    Now you will receive an e-mail (from Digicraft corp) with a link inside to "activate" your account as a security measure. Once you click on that, you are all set to start using your account ^^

    If you want to access your account, use the same LOG-IN/REGISTER Button

    Guide: How to make an account on CJG Bregisterbutton

    -LOG-IN to your account-

    Guide: How to make an account on CJG NUMLogin

    RM: Write the e-mail address you used when you made your account.
    PW: Write your password.
    LP: Click on this line if you forgot your password, so we can send you a new one. (We do not ask for your passwords. NEVER give it to anyone you don't trust).

    Welcome and enjoy what CoolJapanGoods have prepared for you!


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