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    Guide: Get a reseller account


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    Stk Guide: Get a reseller account

    Post by Serge on Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:47 pm

    Because we know many people are running their own business and look to obtain Japanese goods Fast, safe and of course generate a good profit, our site allows the assignation of a reseller/distributor accounts.

    The only condition to get a distributor accounts with preferential rates is:

    There is no minimum amount or creation fee required, however, to retain your distributor attributes you must not get something inside periods of maximum 6 months at time, if nothing is requested after 6 months of the last order the account will be changed into a customer account.

    Benefits of having a reseller/distributor account:

    • Extra 15% of discount, over ALL Items on the site, except limited time offers.
    • Point system to receive special gifts, better discounts or even cash rewards.
    • Personalized support on your language for any inquire. suggestion or news.

    *We are working to provide a Free shipping service around the world, for our distributors and best customers.

    To request a status-change of your account into a Distributor-account simply send me a private message or by e-mail to:


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