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    What did you just buy?


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    Norm What did you just buy?

    Post by Serge on Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:42 am

    This post is to show off all those Amazing things you just got ^^ the only rule will be to avoid posting links to external E-commerce sites.

    You can enlist what you buy or even post an image or video that you took yourself or found around the web with your product.

    For example ^^

    This is my plasticized mini-posters collection with all heroines of Type-moon on different versions and the concept artbook from the same collection ^^ (and some Oppai-mousepads...)

    Japanese Fox hat (To hang around on my bike when its cold outside :p)

    DVD-Video of "La princesa Mononoke" Spanish edition because I was interested to know how the dubs came out! ^^

    After watching it, I still prefer listening to it on Japanese =p, but the dub was much better than I expected, specially San voice acting *-*

    I also ordered the Kittylers keychain that can be found on the site:

    Edit: I received my package today, so here are the pictures I promised:

    Nekomura Iroha:

    Minase Shizuku:

    Rando Rin

    Yamamura Karina:


    I also wanna share this video about that Set:

    If you buy something new, POST IT HERE !


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