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    Introduce yourself! ^-^


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    Stk Introduce yourself! ^-^

    Post by Serge on Thu May 26, 2011 10:17 am

    Hi everyone!

    This is were you can introduce yourself and give us a small back-feed about your hobbies and the reasons why you like the Japanese life style or culture.

    I will start myself with my profile:

    Nickname: Admin =p hahaha just kidding, my friends call me Serge. so everybody here can call me the same.

    Studies: IT, Informatics and Japanese culture.

    Languages: Some English =p, Spanish, Japanese and read Portuguese.

    Experience in Japan? Yes, I first went to spend a summer vacation on Yokohama and Tokyo, they were such amazing vacations, that I fell in love with the country even more, so I planed to return japan with a Scholarship and I did, but that time for 1 year in Osaka, once again I had a great experience there so I will eventually return!

    Hobbies: Watch Anime (at least 3 chapters a day to keep myself updated and practice my Japanese... excuses! lol), Play some Massive Multiplayer Online games (I will talk about those later). I also gather Japanese goods mostly culture-related, and some "MOE" goods I just cannot let go ^^

    Additional comments: Keyboard or Controller? Controller! - Vocaloid or real? Both! - Stripped or Kuma? Again both? lol


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